Please don't mind our dust! We're going through a major make-over ourselves! :/-


About {Kristen}

I am a WAHM/Photographer/web-Designer/Student and blog-o-holic! I am a lover of sushi, wine, art, history and anything pretty!
I am a HUGE DIY-er! IF I find something I love, I'll save any which way I can to have it! IF there's a will there's a way!

I've always loved web designing! My first website was when I was 15, nothing extravagant, just photos and history about myself , family and friends!

When I discovered BLOGGER, I immediately started on finding a way to make my blog pretty and really show off - Me!

With the outstanding emails from my readers and many that weren't I decided to offer blog design on the cheap for everyone who wanted a blog that Rocked their socks! It's only fair :)

Get to know more about me @ Dear Piper.