Please don't mind our dust! We're going through a major make-over ourselves! :/-

Frequently asked questions

Is there a waiting list?
As of right now 9/1/2010 there is no waiting list :)

Why is full payment required up front? Full payment is required to keep you at the top of the list and shortens your wait time. Once payment is recieved I can start on your design and installation.

How long will I have to wait for my design to be installed?
If you're at the top of the list , it usually won't take any more than 1 day to design, get your approval and install. If you purchase a premade design your installation will take place the same day I recieve your info( title, wording etc) and photos (if applicable)

Are there any additional fees I should know about?
The price of each package includes design labor, revisions, and installation. Design kits/istock graphics are not and cannot be included in your package price, but paid for seperately! You may also aquire additional cost if you choose a la carte items outside of your initial package.

Is there a discount for returning customers?
Absolutely!!!! Returning customers recieving a full on Make-over recieve 20% off their chosen package price. This discount applies to package prices, add-on's , graphic sand kit designs remain at the same price.

Will I lose any information or widgets on my blog that I previously installed?
Nope! Not unless you choose to not incorporate them into your new design. I will however suggest things be moved or replaced as to keep with your new theme.

What if I have another designer kit I want used, but it's not listed here?
Let me know who the designer is and I will personally email them to ask for written permission to use their products in your design. Some designers require a additional commercial license be purchased along with the kit fee. If I don't get their permission, their kits/products will not be used as it violates each designers Terms of Use.

Can I get a copy of the digital kit you use for my design?
I'm sorry , but unfortunately that is also a violation in digital designers Terms of Use.  Design Kits remain the Sole property of Dear Piper Blog Designs.

I really like another blog you designed, can I have the same design?
I can certainly take aspects of another blog, but I really like one of a kind designs, and you should too! :)

What should I do about my login and Password information?
I personally do not want to know what your login info is, so please change your password to something easy and generic before your installation. That way once I'm done you can go back to your daily routine and have nothing to worry about :)

If you happen to have any other questions or concerns please email me at